Relationships don't just happen. The connection that we develop with people in our lives are based on what we build with them over time. No matter who you are, your background, or your beliefs you can build better relationships.
For me, understanding relationships has been a lifelong passion. The complexity of relationships brings both comfort and confusion. They are important in our lives, they are our teachers and our creations. Human relationships are the material with which we build our selves. Yet, they are often filled with problems that don't have obvious or easy solutions. Frustration, disappointment, even depression can result from trouble in our primary relationship, and that pain can travel to other parts of our lives. Relationships are essential to our lives and good ones make life better.

During the last two decades I've had the privilege of working with thousands of people aiming to make a difference in their lives. Though there are certain principles that guide my work, there is clearly no "one size fits all" approach. I adapt my style and focus to each of my clients, with a keen sense and respect for each persons beliefs and values. More details of what I do and how I do it can be found on the following pages. I invite you to explore the areas of this site that interest you and contact me when the time is right for you.

Dr. Jill Morris provides :
Individual Psychotherapy
Relationship Counseling & Coaching
Personal Coaching
Family Therapy
Support Groups and Seminars
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Clinical Supervision

Specializing in the treatment of:

Relationships • Love & Intimacy • Life Transitions • Sexuality • Divorce and Separation • Family Difficulties • Parenting and Behavior Challenges • Depression • Anxiety • Trauma • Addictions • Body Image • Nutrition • Peace with Money & Success • Creativity • Work/Life Balance • Stress Management • Chronic Pain.

I answer my own phone and respond to emails personally. . .
Call me 561-558-2875 or email me at [email protected] to schedule and appointment or ask any questions.

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